LHC Quality Assurance Related Links


LHC Quality Assurance Working Group   (html)
CERN library standard service
Abstract of the purchasing procedures    (html)
List and Summaries of  TIS Safety Documents” TIS/DI 97-46     (html)
Three easy steps for the submission of  LHC Market Surveys and Calls for Tender    (html)
Styles to be used for the LHC Technical Specification     (html)
CERN Official Documents CD-ROM

CERN Presentations and seminars

LHC Cryodipole Coordination: Non-Conformités (ppt)
MTF Application, LHC Project Seminar of 07.11.2002  (ppt)
MTF Workshop 18th March 2003

ISO and other standards

Quality management systems - Fundamentals and vocabulary (pdf)
Guidance on the Terminology used in ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9004:2000 (html)
Digest of ISO/IEC Directives Part3 "Rules for the structure and drafting of International Standards"   (pdf)
Selection of  SI Units
(extract of  the ISO standards handbook "Quantities and units" (pdf)

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